Friday, 29 November 2013

Learning to knit.

"The motion of knitting isn't all that different from the motion of plugging away at your smartphone all day. Except knitting promotes focus, and the phone promotes distraction."  
Do you know how to knit?
When I first landed in France, I knew the basic stitches. I'll be leaving at the end of December with a whole repertoire up my sleeve (literally).
Knitting has kept me sane and helped me pass ALOT of time over the past twelve months. It's relaxing and can be done almost anywhere, plus you finish with something really cool that you have the satisfaction of telling everyone you made yourself out of it.
My grandmother taught me the basics and here's a site I found really helpful in exploring different cabling techniques.


What's your favourite type of knitting?

(Top quote is from Anonymous, Humans of New York)

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