Thursday, 5 December 2013

Travelling books.

Have you ever come across a travelling book before?
I read my first travelling book when I was about sixteen or seventeen years old. They are books that literally float around the world. You find them in places like train stations, airports and parks, just sitting on tables or chairs, and when you open the front cover, inside is a message telling you to read the book and then let it travel some more.

I found mine on the window table at an airport in a coffee shop when I was dropping my mum off. After reading it, I left it on a bench at my local train station. It's a pretty cool idea, and to consider where the book you're reading has travelled to is mind-blowing!
The book I'm reading at the moment isn't exactly a travelling book, but has done a fair bit of travelling in it's own right. One of the other Australians in Bordeaux bought it in an airport in Greece earlier in the year while waiting for a flight. After she read it, she leant it to her other Australian housemate who took it travelling through Germany. When she returned, she passed it onto another Australian who took it to Paris and read it when it was too cold to go outside. When she was giving it back to its original owner in a university lecture a few nights ago, she was putting it in her bag, and then looked at me and said "I think you might like this book. We've all read it and enjoyed it", and she gave it to me. 
I'm reading it in Bordeaux, but as it's quite thick, I will probably still be reading it on the flight back to Australia. It's cool to think that the book has travelled so far in the world!

+ Here's a link to the official Book Crossing website which is pretty fun to check out. You can even create your own travel books!

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